ElenaVoce Studio

Voce /ˈvotʃe/- Italian for Voice
Voice Lessons, Opera Coaching, Classical Piano Lessons

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   Comprehensive Vocal Workout


                                          Elena Nikulshina-Fray    



                               VOICE & PIANO TEACHER "     

            "Elena is an excellent instructor and a top level soprano. She is someone I would recommend to aspiring musicians that want to develop a professional vocal technique. Elena's training is outstanding plus she has the experience of a performer who sung lead roles in opera companies in the States and in Europe. There are not that many teachers around with her credentials so she is an amazing resource for students in the Houston area.

            Elena has a vocal program/method that is very effective and I noticed a big improvement in my singing ...  Results- I easily passed my audition with Houston Symphony Chorus thanks to her techniques and coaching. My vocal range and consistency has greatly improved.  I am singing tenor operatic arias that I never dreamed I could tackle and this has opened up a whole new world of music that I am really enjoying. Elena is also a very good pianist (and sight reader) which makes the lessons more fun."

                                                                  ----- Donn D. on July 28, 2008